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Sicily Tour Vini is an ideal tour for those who love Italian wine and want to get to know the new wineries and taste the local wines. We choose with great care the best wine producers in Sicily, who love their land and transmit the passion of viticulture through flavours. The winemaking tradition in Sicily dates back to 6500 years ago, and exactly here the oldest wine in the world was discovered. The Sicilian wine with its strong and strong flavor was well appreciated by Pliny the Great, who offers the detailed description of Mediterranean wines. Red and white, native and international, Sicilian wines represent local history and tradition in an incorruptible way.

Discover the best Sicilian wineries with us, learn to know and love the most renowned wines since ancient times, Sicilian DOC, DOP wines and the only DOCG wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria.


  • Duration: half day
  • Number of people: from 2 to 15 people
  • Guided tasting of Sicilian wines at the cellar
  • Transport
  • Departures organized from Syracuse/Catania/Taormina/Palermo/Trapani/Agrigento/Ragusa
  • *If your location is not indicated, you can contact us and book your visit


  • Transfers
  • Taste itinerary
  • Personal shopping
  • Entrance fees


Let's choose the best option 1. Nero d'Avola 2. Wines from Etna 3. Marsala 4. Cerasuolo di Vittoria

The history of this place in Sicily is unforgettable, and it still preserves the elegance and prestige with its limestone buildings from different eras seeing the ageless Athena with her golden hair dressed in white and armed with a sword. The glory of old Syracuse is sung by Livius, Plutarch, Cicero, Ovid, Pindar, Virgil, Plato. It witnessed various wars, conflicts and competitions, the most famous victim was the prodigy Archimedes, whose death signaled the intellectual decline of this fertile land.

Taormina is a flourishing garden with figs, grapes, pomegranates, peaches, almond trees, purple anemones, hibiscus and sage; it gives you the sense of the interaction between humanity and nature, feeling of wonder and of historical pain. Its historical roots are older than the Greeks' arrival in Sicily. There' is no doubt that the role of Taormina was significant for the island, thus Pliny the Elder, a great connoisseur and connoisseur of good Italian wines, noted Taormina for its excellent wine. Capricious Etna plays many jokes to locals, they are helpless in worshiping their “Mongibel”. The beautiful mount still waits for the return of Ulysses whose cinematic appearance fires modern imagination.

To be conquered by certain peoples is a real privilege. Among the most formidable conquerors Greeks play the most significant role in the history of Sicily, having transformed this island into the World Greatest Open-Air Museum. Old Greek constructions thrown down a gage to modern architecture. The Greek philosopher Empedocles praised old Akragas: “the people enjoy the trouble-free and bohemian life here as if it's the last day in their existence; but they build up temples and palaces as if they never die.” Thanks to their grandeur and superiority the temples are still in Agrigento involving every single visitor. Genially projected temples are in a perfect state, the presence of colossal Telamons, which used to support some structures, are decorative elements to remind us about the glorious past and the wounded present.

Surrounded by the rugged mountains and washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea; it is the most attractive piece of the Paradise on our earth passed through various historical periods and dominated by various peoples. Palermo celebrated its splendid glories and cured its bleeding wounds. “Travelers come from everywhere, merchants and dealers from every city and metropolis, and all agree in praising it, and praise its splendid beauty, speak of its happy circumstances, its various advantages and the good things Sicily attracts from every other country of the world ”, said Al Idrisi in the 12th century.


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Sicily Wine Tour

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