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Daily Tour

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Sicily Tour UNESCO is the best offer for lovers of cultural travel to discover the historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Sicily boasts 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can choose whether to visit them all or linger only in some places.

Our program is an ideal trip, but it can be modified, including not only tangible heritage sites, but also UNESCO Intangible Heritage sites.

Sicilia UNESCO Tour is an ideal offer to Italy lovers which covers the best and iconic places in the most beautiful Italian region. It’s a great solution for art & culture, food & wine, summer & winter tour. We are the unique tour operator in Italy to cover all the UNESCO Heritage sites.

All our tours are guided by local licensed guides, that guaranties a high quality service. We have selected for a fine collection of family run boutique hotels where you feel like at home with all hotel comodities and extra services.


  • Duration: 7 days
  • Number of people: from 2 to 15 people
  • Whispers incluso
  • Tourist guide license
  • Private transportation
  • Departure/return Location: Catania / Palermo / Comiso / Trapani Airport
  • Departure Time Every Friday, For Departures On Other Days Contact Us
  • Return Time:Friday


  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • 4* Hotel
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Room and board
  • Transport expenditures
  • Insurance
  • Wine tasting
  • Excursions with local licensed tour guide
  • Flight
  • Personal shopping
  • Entrance tickets


A visit to Catania is a most fascinating act of self-discovery, back down the old ways of time… the real enigma of this place is that it has been inhabited for 3000 years at the foot of Etna, despite earthquakes, eruptions, disasters, calamities and destructions. To live so close to the most active volcano in Europe is an expression of change and transformation, suggesting the process of self-renewal leading to fulfillment. The atmosphere of Catania makes you pray more than a saint would pray, and sin more than an ideal sinner would commit.


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Frequently asked questions

The history of this place in Sicily is unforgettable, and it still preserves the elegance and prestige with its limestone buildings from different epochs seeing the ageless Athena with her golden hair dressed in white and armed with a sword. The glory of old Syracuse is sung by Livius, Plutarch, Cicero, Ovid, Pindar, Virgil, Plato. It witnessed various wars, conflicts and competitions, the most famous victim was the prodigy Archimedes, whose death signalled the intellectual decline of this fertile land.

Modica and Ragusa area is a real “Island within the island” where your are captured by the warmth and courtesy of the people. The reality is immersed in an atmosphere between the past and the present, in the experience of unforgettable emotions. The majestic facades of the noble constructions with enormous, well-molded pillars, nooks containing statues and beautiful baroque style decorations. The splendid architecture recall memories of the royal glory once existed here.

To be conquered by certain peoples is a real privilege. Among the most formidable conquerors Greeks play the most significant role in the history of Sicily, having transformed this island in the World Greatest Open Air Museum. Old Greek constructions thrown down a gage to modern architecture. The Greek philosopher Empedocles praised old Akragas: “the people enjoy the trouble-free and bohemian life here as if it’s the last day in their existence; but they build up temples and palaces as if they never die.” Thanks to their grandeur and superiority the temples are still in Agrigento involving each single visitor. Genially projected temples are in a perfect state, the presence of colossal telamons, which used to support some structures, are decorative elements to remind us about the glorious past and the wounded present.

Palermo with its prestigious past evident in the magnificent architecture and its natural and cultural beauty. Surrounded by the rugged mountains and washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea; it is the most attractive piece of the Paradise on our earth passed through various historical periods and dominated by various peoples.

Taormina is a flourishing garden with figs, grapes, pomegranates, peaches, almond trees, purple anemones, hibiscus, and salvia; it gives you a sense of the interaction between humanity and nature, a feeling of wonder and of historical pain. Its historical roots are older than the Greeks’ arrival in Sicily. There is no doubt that the role of Taormina was significant for the island, thus Pliny the Elder, a great intender and connoisseur of good Italian wines, noted Taormina for its excellent wine. Capricious Etna plays many jokes to locals, they are helpless in worshiping their “Mongibel”. The beautiful mount still waits for the return of Ulysses whose cinematic appearance fires modern imagination.

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