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Sicily, the natural bridge between Europe and Africa, is the Mediterranean Oriental and Occidental platform. Once upon a time, it was the center of the world. The peoples have left crypts and traces here with no virtual pain: mythical, historical, one after the other they are still here breathing the same air. Sicily is more than an island, it’s a continent, where various Mediterranean civilizations are meeting. Sicily offers a guest not only naturalistic beauty, three thousand years of history, a unique culture, and an exclusive gastronomic philosophy. Thus, Sicily is enriched thanks to its conquerors, which they put on iron and on fire influencing the local identity. Sicily is an enormous open-air museum, offering the well-preserved monuments of the settlers. Above all the mentioned heritage, transformed Sicily into the richest and most multicultural space in Italy, and in Europe, the territory offers charming sightseeing like the Sicilian Baroque, the investigation traces of Inspector Montalbano. The best way to discover Sicily is to cross each single path, road, or corner.


  • Baroque Splendor: Immerse yourself in the stunning Baroque architecture of Noto and the UNESCO-listed historic center of Siracusa.
  • Ancient Wonders: Explore well-preserved Roman mosaics at Villa del Casale and walk among the ancient Greek temples in the Valley of Temples.
  • Cultural Riches: Discover the cultural treasures of Palermo, including the Monreale Cathedral's breathtaking mosaics and the vibrant local markets.
  • Scenic Beauty: Enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Cefalù, Taormina, and the panoramic views from Mount Etna.
  • Sicilian Cuisine: Indulge in traditional Sicilian meals and wine tastings, experiencing the island's rich culinary heritage.
  • Volcanic Adventure: Explore Mount Etna's Silvestri Craters, gaining insight into the volcanic activity of the region.
  • Relaxation: Free time to unwind in charming towns like Taormina and Cefalù, savoring local gelato and exploring at your own pace.


  • Airport pick-up and transfers.
  • Accommodation for the entire tour.
  • Guided tours of historical sites, including Noto, Siracusa, Monreale, and more.
  • Visits to archaeological sites such as Villa del Casale and the Valley of Temples.
  • Traditional Sicilian meals and wine tastings.
  • Exploration of picturesque towns like Cefalù and Taormina.
  • Experience at Mount Etna, including Silvestri Craters and a winery visit.
  • Free time for personal exploration in selected locations.
  • Professional guides and drivers throughout the tour.
  • Airfare to and from Catania.
  • Personal expenses and souvenirs.
  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Optional activities not specified.
  • Entrance fees for attractions not explicitly stated.
  • Gratuities for guides and drivers.


Pick up with our driver and transfer to the hotel.

The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times when it was founded by Greek colonists in the 8th century BC. Throughout its history, Catania has been influenced by various civilizations, including the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish, all of which have left their mark on the city's architecture, culture, and traditions.  

Catania is known for its vibrant atmosphere, lively street markets, and stunning baroque architecture. The historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to numerous churches, palaces, and squares adorned with intricate baroque designs.  

The city also has a bustling food scene, offering delicious Sicilian cuisine, including arancini (rice balls), cannoli (pastry shells filled with sweet ricotta), and pasta alla norma (pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce). Catania is also renowned for its seafood, as it is situated along the Mediterranean coast.  

The beginning of the tour: Noto and Siracusa


10.00 Meet your driver & guide Anna to start your tour and departure to Noto.


11.00 am Noto


Noto is a stunning town located in the province of Syracuse, in the region of Sicily, Italy. It is renowned for its beautiful Baroque architecture, which has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Noto is often referred to as the "Stone Garden" due to the abundance of elegant limestone buildings found throughout the town.


Noto's historic center, known as Noto Antica, was destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 1693. The town was subsequently rebuilt in the Baroque style, resulting in a harmonious and homogeneous architectural ensemble. The buildings in Noto feature elaborate facades, ornate balconies, grand staircases, and intricate details that showcase the splendor of Sicilian Baroque architecture.


The main street of Noto, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is a splendid showcase of Baroque grandeur. Along this street, you will find numerous palaces, churches, and public buildings. Some of the notable structures include the Cathedral of San Nicolo, the Palazzo Ducezio, and the Church of Santa Chiara.


One of the most picturesque spots in Noto is the Piazza del Municipio, the main square. The square is adorned with beautiful buildings and is a popular meeting place for both locals and visitors. It serves as a backdrop for various events and festivals held throughout the year.


Noto is not only visually stunning but also offers a vibrant cultural scene. The town hosts several festivals and events, including the Infiorata di Noto, a flower festival where the streets are adorned with colorful floral carpets, and the Noto Jazz Festival, a celebration of jazz music attracting talented musicians from around the world.


13.00 departure from Noto to Marzamemi, a nice fisherman village to enjoy your light lunch, included in the tour.


15.00 departure to Siracusa


16.00 90-minute guided tour with a local guide in Neapolis, Siracusa.


Neapolis Archaeological Park: Explore the vast archaeological park, home to the ancient Greek and Roman ruins, including the famous "Latomie" limestone quarries and the Roman Amphitheater. Ancient Theatre of Syracuse: Explore the well-preserved Greek theatre, dating back to the 5th century BC. It offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and hosts performances and events during the summer. Ear of Dionysius: Visit this impressive limestone cave, known for its remarkable acoustics. It is said that the tyrant Dionysius used it as a prison to eavesdrop on prisoners' conversations.


Then free time to discover Ortygia.


Ortygia Island: Wander through the charming historical center of Syracuse, located on the island of Ortygia. Discover its narrow streets, and Baroque architecture, and visit the Cathedral of Syracuse.  


Tickets to the Neapolis are included in the tour:

 18.00 arrival at the Hotel You stay 2 nights in Siracusa,

9.30 am Pick up with the driver and departure to Modica


The town is renowned for its Baroque architecture, which is particularly evident in Modica Alta. The Cathedral of San Giorgio, located in Modica Alta, is a remarkable example of Sicilian Baroque design. Its imposing facade and ornate interior are a testament to the skill and artistry of the architects and artisans of the time.  


Modica is also famous for its chocolate-making tradition. The town has a long history of chocolate production dating back to the Aztec era. The unique method of chocolate-making in Modica, known as "chocolate di Modica," involves cold-processing the cocoa beans and mixing them with sugar. The result is grainy and intense chocolate with a distinct flavor. Visitors can explore various chocolate shops in Modica and sample this traditional treat.


Free time to enjoy a stroll in Modica city center

15.00 departure to Ragusa Ibla  


Ragusa Ibla is the oldest part of the city of Ragusa and is situated on a hilltop. The district is characterized by its well-preserved medieval and Baroque buildings, which were largely rebuilt in the early 18th century after a devastating earthquake. The architecture of Ragusa Ibla showcases the elaborate ornamentation and intricate designs that are typical of the Sicilian Baroque style.


One of the main attractions in Ragusa Ibla is the Cathedral of San Giorgio, a magnificent Baroque church located in the central square, Piazza Duomo. The cathedral's impressive facade and ornate interior are worth exploring. From the square, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.


As you wander through the streets of Ragusa Ibla, you'll come across charming squares, quaint shops, and traditional restaurants serving Sicilian cuisine. The district is known for its delicious local dishes, including arancini (rice balls), pasta dishes, and cannoli (pastry shells filled with sweet ricotta).


Ragusa Ibla has gained international recognition and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002. It has also served as a filming location for the popular Italian television series "Inspector Montalbano," based on the detective novels by Andrea Camilleri.


Free afternoon in Ragusa Ibla

9.30 check out from the hotel, departure to Villa del Casale, Piazza Armerina.


11.30 arrival to the Roman Villa del Casale, guided tour with our local guide, tickets are to be paid in loco.  


The Roman Villa of Casale (Villa Romana del Casale) is an ancient Roman archaeological site located near the town of Piazza Armerina in Sicily, Italy. It is one of the most well-preserved and extensive Roman villa complexes in the world. The site is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a popular tourist destination. The Villa of Casale was built during the 4th century AD and is believed to have been the residence of a wealthy Roman aristocrat or high-ranking official. The villa covers an area of approximately 3,500 square meters (37,674 square feet) and consists of numerous rooms, courtyards, and terraces. What makes the Villa of Casale particularly remarkable is its exceptional collection of well-preserved Roman mosaics. These intricate mosaics, covering a total area of around 3,500 square meters (37,674 square feet), depict a wide range of subjects, including mythological scenes, hunting scenes, daily life activities, and portrayals of Roman gods and goddesses. One of the most famous mosaics in the villa is the "Bikini Girls" mosaic, which depicts young women engaged in various athletic activities, including weightlifting and discus throwing. Another notable mosaic is the "Great Hunt" mosaic, showcasing an intricate scene of hunters, wild animals, and exotic creatures.


Aside from the mosaics, the villa features architectural elements such as hypocausts (underfloor heating systems), intricate floor and wall decorations, and remnants of frescoes, all providing insights into the opulence and grandeur of Roman villa life.


13.00 lunch in traditional agriturismo with homemade pasta and starters, water is included.

14.00 departure to the Valley of Temples

15.00 arrival to the Valley of Temples

Free time to enjoy the great Greek Heritage and stroll among the Ancient Temples  

The Valley of Temples (Valle dei Templi) is an archaeological site located near the city of Agrigento in southern Sicily, Italy. It is one of the most important and well-preserved archaeological areas in the Mediterranean region. The site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a popular tourist attraction. The Valley of Temples dates to the ancient Greek period, specifically the 5th century BC when Agrigento was a prosperous Greek colony known as Akragas. The site consists of a series of ancient Greek temples, sanctuaries, and other structures built along a ridge overlooking the surrounding countryside. The most famous and impressive temple in the Valley of Temples is the Temple of Concordia, dedicated to the Greek god of harmony. It is considered one of the best-preserved Doric temples in the world. Other notable temples include the Temple of Juno, the Temple of Hercules, and the Temple of Zeus. The temples are characterized by their massive stone columns, intricate architectural details, and the stunning backdrop of the Sicilian landscape. Walking through the site, visitors can admire the grandeur of these ancient structures and imagine the thriving city that once stood there.


16.30 departure to Cefalù


18.30 arrival to Cefaslù


2 nights https://www.sunsetcefalu.com/


The Sunset Hotel is the result of a family project that has its roots in the past:

The Barranco family has been active for more than 30 years in the tourism sector, particularly in the hotel industry. Alberto Barranco, the head of the family with great entrepreneurial instinct and visionary flair, transformed the splendid private villa, Villa Cerniglia, into a tourist facility as early as 1984, offering guests beautiful rooms with panoramic views. From this moment, the great desire to open a hotel on the Cephaludese seafront was also born.


The project, developed and maintained with great passion and dedication, will be realized in September 2020. The Sunset Hotel is committed to sponsoring the city of Normandy and is dedicated to customer service.  

10.00 pick up by our guide & driver for the guided tour of Monreale & Palermo

5 hours guided tour  

Guided tour in Monreale Cathedral

Monreale is a town located in the province of Palermo, in the region of Sicily, Italy. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Caputo, overlooking the city of Palermo. Monreale is famous for its stunning Norman Cathedral, known as the Monreale Cathedral (or Duomo di Monreale), which is considered one of the greatest examples of Norman architecture in Sicily. The Monreale Cathedral was built in the 12th century and is renowned for its magnificent mosaics that cover the interior walls. These mosaics depict various biblical scenes and religious figures, including Jesus Christ, Mary, and various saints. The intricate details and vibrant colors of the mosaics are truly impressive and attract visitors from around the world. Aside from the cathedral, Monreale's historic center offers charming narrow streets, traditional buildings, and lovely squares. Visitors can explore the town's quaint atmosphere, enjoy local cuisine at traditional trattorias, and shop for ceramics and other local handicrafts. Monreale is also known for its beautiful views over the surrounding countryside, with orchards, olive groves, and vineyards dotting the landscape. From certain vantage points, you can admire panoramic vistas of the city of Palermo and the sea in the distance.


Overall, Monreale is a destination that combines rich history, stunning architecture, and natural beauty. It is often visited as a day trip from Palermo, located just a few kilometers away, but the town itself offers a tranquil and picturesque escape from the bustling city.


12.00 departure to Palermo drop off at the city center of Palermo.


Palermo tour


Exploring the city center of Palermo offers a rich tapestry of historical, cultural, and culinary experiences. Here are some things you can do in the heart of Palermo:

Quattro Canti and Piazza Pretoria: Begin your exploration at Quattro Canti, a stunning intersection adorned with four Baroque facades representing the city's historic quarters. Nearby is Piazza Pretoria, home to the impressive Fontana Pretoria, a 16th-century fountain featuring intricate sculptures.


Teatro Massimo: Visit Teatro Massimo, one of the largest opera houses in Europe. You can take a guided tour to learn about its history, architecture, and the role it plays in the city's cultural scene.


Piazza Bellini and Martorana Church: Admire the exquisite mosaics at Martorana Church, located in Piazza Bellini. The church showcases Byzantine-influenced artwork and a charming square that's perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Palermo Cathedral: Discover the Palermo Cathedral and its mix of architectural styles, including Norman and Gothic. Climb to the rooftop for panoramic city views and get a close-up look at the ornate details.


Mercato di Ballarò: Dive into the local atmosphere at the bustling Mercato di Ballarò, where you can explore colorful stalls selling fresh produce, spices, seafood, and more. It's a sensory experience that gives you a taste of everyday life in Palermo.


Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele: Stroll down these lively streets lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. They connect key attractions and offer a glimpse of daily life in the city.


Church of San Domenico: Visit the Church of San Domenico, known for its Gothic-Catalan architecture and beautiful interior with intricate decorations.


Palermo Street Food: Indulge in Palermo's renowned street food. Try the famous arancini (stuffed rice balls), Panelle (chickpea fritters), and silicone (Sicilian pizza). Exploring Palermo's city center is a journey through history, culture, and Flavors. Remember to take your time, absorb the atmosphere, and savor every moment.

9.00 check out from the Hotel and departure to Cefalù.


10.30 arrival to Cefalù


Free time to enjoy a relaxing half day in Cefalù, taste local ice cream (gelato)


Cefalù is a picturesque coastal town located on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, stunning architecture, and rich history. Cefalù attracts visitors from all over the world with its charming atmosphere and captivating sights.


The town's most iconic landmark is the Cathedral of Cefalù, a magnificent Norman cathedral dating back to the 12th century. This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts intricate Byzantine mosaics, impressive architecture, and a panoramic terrace offering breathtaking views of the town and the sea. Cefalù's historical center is a maze of narrow streets lined with colorful houses, shops, and restaurants. Visitors can wander through the charming alleys, visit local craft shops, and savor delicious Sicilian cuisine.


14.00 departure to Taormina

16.00 arrival to Taormina


Taormina is a small town located on the eastern coast of Sicily, Italy. It is known for its stunning views, rich history, and beautiful architecture. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina offers breathtaking panoramic vistas and a charming atmosphere.

The town is famous for its ancient Greek theatre, which dates to the 3rd century BC and is still used today for performances and events. Taormina's historical center, with its narrow streets and picturesque squares, is a delight to explore. You'll find a blend of ancient ruins, medieval buildings, and Baroque churches.


Taormina is also known for its luxurious boutiques and fine dining establishments. Visitors can indulge in Sicilian cuisine, shop for local crafts and products, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the town.


2 nights in Taormina


With its one-century-old history, is the "home" for people who enjoy the pleasures of life.

Here you can relax in secluded corners of luxuriant gardens or in cosy lounges where simple pleasures become unforgettable.


Here you can enjoy the true Sicilian art of hospitality that two centuries ago induced a European aristocratic traveler to utter "It is impossible to do things with greater grandeur, better taste and, I even dare to say, with voluptuous refinement.

10.00 Mount Etna altitude 2000mt


The Silvestri Craters are two small volcanic cones that formed during the eruption of Mount Etna in 1993. These craters are often visited by tourists who come to explore the volcano. They are accessible by car, and from there, visitors can hike to the craters to observe the volcanic activity and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


12.30 departure to tenure Murgo San Michele in Santa Venerina, a nice family winery on Mount Etna


13.30 Lunch is a welcoming proposal to taste traditional Sicilian cuisine, included in the tour. Wine is included. This is a fully traditional Sicilian lunch and wine tasting on Mount Etna, the highest active volcano.


The historic Tenuta is the heart of Etna wine production. Located 500 meters above sea level with an enchanting panoramic vista, the climate is dominated by the Etna volcano and the Ionian Sea.


The vineyards include 25 hectares that are predominantly dedicated to the production of Etna DOC wines.


From this terroir, which is influenced by daily thermal excursions and mineral-rich volcanic soils, we obtain wines with great personality, remarkable finesse, elegance, minerality, and aromatic complexity.


Free afternoon to discover the most beautiful place in Italy, Taormina


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