About the company

MyArtcollection is the travel agency and tour operator, A Ill license. The birth of this innovative tourist services company driven by the desire to make the Mediterranean known. We have created and manage structures, rent rooms and bed & breakfasts, offering quality services since 2002 in Sicily. The desire to discover new realities increases to the point of expanding our services. We offer tailor-made holidays in unknown destinations; with all the comforts for families and businesses. We are also the Bus Operator in Sicily that offers the best cultural and experiential holidays in the area. Now it's time to share our experiences with you, because we sell true emotions and the most beautiful experiences

Our services

  • Tailor-made trips for groups in maximum safety to the most extraordinary destinations never discovered or publicized by mass tourism, we are at the forefront and always looking for new places to make your holiday unforgettable. For your tailor-made trip search #myartcollection.vacations
  • single and semi-detached houses, (Manenti’s House brand, operational since 2002, the first B&B and guest house – holiday homes in the province of Ragusa
  • guided tours and gastronomic experiences www.mysicilyguide.com
  • #mysicilyguide.transport transport service: NCC, equipped with a regular license and professional qualification certificate.
  • Assistance in Italian, English, French, Russian, German, Spanish
  • The minivan complies with the new provisions of the regional and national Covid-19 government

What our clients say

My Art Collection has utterly transformed my living space. The exquisite artworks not only infuse it with a palpable sense of sophistication but also have the remarkable ability to speak to my very soul. Every piece in the collection carries its own unique narrative, making my space not just beautiful, but profoundly special.


Customers in U.S.A

Our journey with My Art Collection was nothing short of magical. Their unparalleled attention to detail and unwavering commitment to tailoring every aspect of our trip made it truly unforgettable. We delved into Sicily's rich tapestry, discovering not only its iconic landmarks but also its hidden gems, crafting cherished memories.


Customers in U.S.A

My Art Collection's exploration of Mediterranean beauty is a deep dive into culture and experiences. We embarked on a transformative voyage that went far beyond the ordinary. It was a journey filled with wonder and discovery, revealing the countless treasures and hidden gems of this incredible region.


Customers in U.S.A

The presence of artworks from My Art Collection has not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of my living space but has also instilled it with a sense of charm and sophistication that never ceases to amaze me. It has truly become a sanctuary for art enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of art, each piece possessing its own captivating story.


Customers in U.S.A

My Art Collection crafted an exceptional journey through Sicily's most treasured experiences. Every aspect of our trip was meticulously planned, from immersive historic tours to indulgent culinary delights. It was a delightful adventure that left us with a treasure trove of cherished memories


Customers in U.S.A